​How can I get coupons and discounts?


The best way to get coupons and discounts is by signing up for them! When you subscribe to our newsletter, you are automatically added to our list to receive EXCLUSIVE coupon codes via email. You'll also be the first to know about our seasonal sales and other limited-time offers! To sign up today, just enter your email address in the form at the bottom of this page, and click "Subscribe Now." It's that easy!

How much does shipping cost?


Shipping is always FREE! Really! We're not kidding! Every time! Always! No matter where the product is traveling, the cost of shipping is completely free. You're welcome.


What payment options do you offer when checking out?


We use PayPal Checkout. That means we accept most major credit card brands, such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. You are not required to log into PayPal to place an order, but you will be given that option if you want to do so.


​I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still place an order?


Yes! You will need to select "PayPal Checkout" from your Cart, but then you'll have the option to check out as a Guest, without having to log into a PayPal account.

What is your return policy?


You can read our Return Policy and other policies (such as our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions) by visiting our Store Policies page.

Do you offer refunds?


It depends on the circumstances. Please read our Return Policy for more information about that.

I only received part of my order. Where are the rest of my items?


As soon as any product is ready for shipment, we'll send it out to you immediately, even if the rest of your order is not ready for shipment yet. As a result, depending on the size of your order, your items may arrive in multiple packages on different days. This is normal. However, if you have been waiting for any item for more than 14 days since you first placed your order, feel free to reach out to us by submitting a message on our Contact Us page. We'd be delighted to update you on the status of your order!


My question was not answered on this page.


If you have other questions or ever need any help from us, don't hesitate to reach out! Our Customer Service Team Members are always delighted to assist you! Go to our Contact Us page to submit a message, and we'll respond ASAP during business hours.