7 Things That Spook Introverts More Than Halloween

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

For some of us introverts, nothing sounds better than snuggling up and watching a scary movie at home on Halloween. You’re a rational person, after all… you know there’s nothing to be afraid of!

But the minute the movie is over and your friends invite you to a party… that’s when things start getting really scary.

Want to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario? Here’s a list of 7 things guaranteed to give almost every introvert goosebumps -- on any day of the year.

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1. Crowded Places

Picture this: You’re entering a room full of strangers, and you’re supposed to talk to them! As an introvert, even a fun party can become a hell of an uncomfortable situation.

The same (or worse) happens when you go to networking events. It’s not just about being uncomfortable. Your business depends on your “social skills.”

But due to Coronavirus, most events are online now. Those are easier to survive, I guess… The minute you feel like leaving, you can pretend there’s an Internet connection problem, right? 😉

2. Phone Calls

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What happened to emails and private messages? Who said calls were better? Please give introverts a break!

I have three words for you: SMALL TALK SUCKS. As an introvert, you probably feel like hanging up the minute someone mentions the weather… and you don’t want to be rude or anything, so you suffer almost in silence.

There are many more reasons why calls can be exhausting:

(1) You can’t rely on body language when words fail you.

(2) You get anxious knowing that you have better things to do.

(3) They usually catch you off-guard, so you don’t know what to say.

And don’t get me started on Zoom meetings…

3. Group Projects

Growing up, my idea of group projects was doing everything myself and letting others say they helped. It was that easy.

But surviving group projects at university or at work can be trickier than that. Extroverts discuss their ideas out loud while introverts need peace and quiet to concentrate.

Luckily, you can assign individual tasks to team members or have them work at different stages (e.g. research ➔ writing ➔ revision). Group projects are so much easier when turned into teamwork. 😃

4. Public Speaking

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For introverts, even simply running into people we know on the street or having unexpected house guests can take an emotional toll. So imagine public speaking! It can be paralyzing for the best of us.

But according to Susan Cain, the author of “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” introverts should simply practice (a lot) to master this skill.

Let’s face it… we’re already surviving in a world where being extroverted is the norm. Public speaking might just be another challenge for us to overcome (eventually).

5. Deadlines

I’d dare to say that our biggest struggle here is not the deadline per se, but the fact that we introverts tend to procrastinate so much. We usually excel at last-minute projects anyway, so we repeat the cycle… And deadlines are always there to haunt us.

Here’s the issue: the task NEEDS to become a priority, but you have a million things going on in your head! How can you tell if a project is more important than a YouTube masterclass? You can’t.

That’s precisely why I sometimes end up worrying about client work, while my own marketing efforts get pushed aside for "some other time" (most likely NEVER). Now that I think about it, maybe I should set a deadline for my next LinkedIn post…

6. Handling criticism (and, ironically, receiving compliments)

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Have you been publicly shamed for being an introvert? I know I have. And you don’t want to admit it, but that crap affects you. So you’re quiet, and you need some time alone. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Oddly enough, the opposite also makes you feel like burying your head in the sand. And that, my friend, is receiving a compliment. You want to smile, but your face looks like you’re seeing a zombie apocalypse in your near future. And what are you even supposed to say? Even “thank you” sounds like the wrong choice of words...

7. Excessive talking

This item might be the spookiest one on the list. Imagine your son has ADHD and can’t stop talking… Welcome to my world! But just like The Beatles put it, “All you need is love” (or maybe just a bit of patience).

And when people start oversharing, things get so much worse! You don’t want to know their secrets, but there’s nothing you can do about it. I guess, at times, it’s better to talk about the weather, after all, right?

Don’t get me wrong… you can give yourself permission to end the incessant talk, of course. Just listen actively as much as you can and walk away politely from the conversation when you have the chance.

Proposed Solution

If you don’t feel like dealing with loud extroverts, simply cuddle up at home and never engage with another human being... JUST KIDDING!

But hey, you’re already here! Knowing that you’re an introvert is a huge step toward facing (or avoiding) the scariest things out there and enjoying this Halloween, or any other day, in peace. 🙌

So maybe you'll find the courage to speak up when something feels too uncomfortable. And hey, in some cases, maybe you'll even learn to overcome your instincts or get over your fears. Simply focus on the strategies that work for you! And live to conquer another day.


Mariana Serio

Mariana Serio is a translator & copywriter from Argentina. She helps entrepreneurs and executives connect with their audiences, both in English and Spanish. Besides hanging out with her three sons and hubby, Mariana enjoys working/hiding in her office. In her spare time, she’s always learning new things. She says she'll apply everything later.

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